Friday, 16 November 2012

what is love?

What is love?


Love gets you high

Its the reason we tell lies

Makes you cry

Makes you laugh

Fills up but at times makes you feel half

Makes him jump out his Adidas & call her a slut

& when its all over

he gives her a shoulder

The reason she still comes home

One minute you here alone

The next you want to share it

Its like a car to its mechanic

Perhaps we should take every moment as the last

Maybe eyes won't suffer more than the heart


Love keeps you coming back in the new age

Take it from Brother Rick Ross blowing off his shirt on stage

Its like gravity

Baby please hurt me

Love is addictive

BUT peaking it in one language is contradictive

If married folks told us the recipe we'd probably all be citizens

I heard a wine-glass can talk grapes.. listen

So can amateurs pose pure smiles at doctors

its like medicine


Love is the reason 2012 is not the END

but the only the beginning of greater things to come that you and I cant think off

Love is what keeps me updating  Bloggers with a twist.. Love you


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