Monday, 17 December 2012

Get you thinking boys!!

Here's something you should know Boys
A girl has no problem fighting for your love, but she refuses to have to compete with another girl for it. See, a girl can handle a lot of things. You can be a total asshole & she'll still be with you. You guys can argue & she can't stay mad at you. You can make some mistakes & she'll eventually forgive you. But she can't handle sharing you with another girl.

If ...
another girl has your attention, if another girl has your interest, if another girl manages to make you fall for her, then don't expect her to try to win you over cause she shouldn't have to win something that was already hers. Don't expect her to show you why she's the better girl for you when she's proven that to you over & over again. Lastly, don't expect her to stay while you make up your mind, cause you shouldn't have to choose in the first place if she had your love all along.